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Housing Corporation Purpose

The Housing Corporation is dedicated to raising money to help the brothers of Delta-Pi reach their true potentional. 

The Housing Corporation was created in 2006 in order to help Delta-Pi reach its long-term goal of building a new chapter house at SMU. In addition, the housing corporation also collects payment from undergraduate brothers to pay rent to the university for the use of the current chapter house. 


New Chapter House

New Furniture

Rent Assistance

Social Budget


Why Give? 

Our chapter cannot thrive without financial assistance from generaous alumni.


Think about how much you cherish the friendships made during your college experience because of Delta-Pi. Would you want your son to have a great experience too? Your gift helps ensure that our sons will join Kappa Sigma at SMU and make their own special memories. Think about giving your son the Grip after initiation. Your gift helps ensure that another fraternity wll not claim your son as one of their own. How much is that worth to you? 

New Chapter House 


Our current chapter house needs to be updated. The university has made SMU Blvd. the official entrance to SMU. As a result, SMU plans on relocating fraternity houses to another street behind their current location. 


Our goal is to raise $4 Million dollars to build a chapter house that future brothers and alumni of Delta-Pi can enjoy for the next hundred years. 


Please donate now!

Help YOUR Chapter! 

We need YOU!

Need Motivation? Want to feel invigorated? Watch below...


SMU charges the chapter a significant sum of money to live in the chapter house each year. If you would like to help the undergradute actives meet their obligation, please consider making a gift here.



New Furniture 


Although Delta-Pi is raising money with its eyes on the future, the chapter also needs assistance making their current living situation as enjoyable as possible.


The chapter is constantly in need of updated, functional furniture. Although money donations are preferred, alumni donations of gently used furniture is welcome. Please contact us to learn about donating gently used furniture.

Social Budget 



The undergraduate brothers cannot rush effectively without financial support from alumni. From tailgates to mixers and formals, the costs of rush are as high as they have ever been. Help the undergraduate brothers with their brand by donating to the social budget. 


Please consider helping the chapter reach its membership potential by making a gift here

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