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Grand Master's Welcome,

Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA in 1869.  Our chapter, Delta-Pi, was founded at Southern Methodist University in 1927, and has proudly celebrated almost 100 years of Brotherhood. 


Please explore our website to see if our chapter might be right for you. Feel free to contact us about rush opportunities. We hope to get to know you better as you learn more about the rich history of Southern Methodist University and Kappa Sigma Fraternity. 

Fraternally yours,

Grand Master

Delta-Pi Chapter of Kappa Sigma 

Kappa Sigma's Mission

The Four Pillars of ΚΣ are Fellowship, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. 


The creation of lifelong friendships is a primary benefit of Fraternity membership. The Fraternity fulfills the need of students to belong to an extended family and frequently provides the opportunity to enhance those personal relationships through group living situations. As Brothers, our members have an obligation to have a caring concern for the welfare of our members. Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment; therefore, we should encourage strong alumni-undergraduate relationships for the mutual benefit of the students and the alumni.


Learn more about the Mission of ΚΣ here.

Fraternity History

ΚΣ was founded in 1869 and Delta-Pi was founded at SMU in 1927. This makes Delta-Pi one of the oldest ΚΣ chapters and one of the oldest continually operating chapters at SMU. 

Learn more about the History of ΚΣ here.

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